Counselling Skills

Basic Counselling skills can be used in many professional areas of work, by offering a trained listening ear to those who have difficulty in seeing a solution to their problems. 

The element that distinguishes the use of counselling skills from other activities are the intentions of the user, which is to support their existing role within the caring professions in the corporate, statutory and voluntary sectors, the recipient in turn, will perceive them in that role. This introductory course does not qualify learners to become counsellors in any way.

Introduction to Counselling Skills Course

Aims and Learning Outcomes

Aims ~Achievement

To provide information about becoming a counsellor and what it entails. To educate learners upon the depth of knowledge, skill and practice required.

Objectives ~ Presentation

To present current information working practices around the course subject. To provide clear, concise and researched information that enhances and improves skill sets.

Learning Outcomes ~ on Completion, Learners should be able to:

To have an understanding of what it involves to become a counsellor and the way forward to completing further training towards a recognised qualification.