Welcome to Introduction to Hypnotherapy Skills

For those who already work in the therapy world, hypnotherapy can be a useful tool for working with clients, especially and including those who have suffered any kind of trauma related experience.

Hypnotherapy is an ancient treatment used for many issues in life. This introductory course aims to provide the basic skill set to be able to take a client to a relaxed state of mind, where they can put old, bad memories to rest, to be able to imagine a brighter future, whilst learning resilience and many other self soothing and self protection skills. It is not intended to qualify anyone into becoming a hypnotherapist by any means. It does however, demonstrate the road into further training and skill in this field of therapy.

Combining hypnotherapy with counselling and/or support work skills, can be a successful and efficient way to offer the client a deeper level of therapeutic change towards general and/or post traumatic growth. It can be used for many issues such as: depression and anxiety, differing levels of pain, obsession and self-destructive behaviours and much much more...

Guided Visualisation alone can be a life changing technique that allows the client to see their issues from a completely different perspective

Aims, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Aims ~Achievement:

  • To provide information about current practices in hypnotherapy.

  • To enhance current knowledge about the basic skills required in hypnotherapy.

  • To offer a no-nonsense insight into the professions at a fraction of the cost of enrolling into expensive training and then finding that this may not be the way forward.

Objectives ~ Presentation:

  • To present the history and foundation information as well as basic working practices around the course subject.

  • To provide clear, concise and researched information that enhances and improves skills sets.

  • To demonstrate different ways of working with trance levels.

Learning Outcomes ~ On Completion, Learners should be able to:

  • To have an understanding of what hypnotherapy is and how it works.

  • To be able to explain the procedures that are involved within different types of trance level.

  • To gain knowledge into how to read and write hypnotherapy scripts for use in one to one client work.

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A Mindful Intervention

Although this intervention can sometimes be more demanding than counselling, (due to the fact that the hypnotherapist does most of the talking), it can also be very rewarding.

Clients who have never had any confidence, or not felt good enough, can be awakened to new and positive possibilities in their life. Sports performance can be enhanced to the maximum. Those wishing to eat healthier or pack in smoking, alcohol or other habits can be assisted along the way.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool that can be used to assist clients in so many ways.