Introduction to Trauma Intervention Skills

Introduction to Trauma Intervention Skills

Many people carry the burdens of childhood and relational trauma around with them throughout their life. It is often only when they reach a time in their life where they feel unable to cope, a place of impasse, that they might look at exploring why they feel the way that they do. What, who and why are they fighting? Why was there no resolution and is there room for resolution now?

Exploring their anger, even if that is suppressed anger, rage or passive aggression, can lead to freedom and peace of mind.

Aims, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Aims ~Achievement:

  • To provide information about current practices in trauma informed counselling.

  • To enhance current knowledge about the basic skills required in trauma informed counselling.

  • To offer a no-nonsense insight into the professions at a fraction of the cost of enrolling into expensive training and then finding that this may not be the way forward.

Objectives ~ Presentation:

  • To present foundation information as well as basic working practices around the course subject.

  • To provide clear, concise and researched information that enhances and improves skills sets.

  • To demonstrate different ways of working in the trauma arena.

Learning Outcomes ~ On Completion, Learners should be able to:

  • To have an understanding of what trauma focused intervention is and how it works.

  • To be able to explain the procedures that are involved within different types of trauma.

  • To gain knowledge into the depth of trauma and how processing of that trauma can be critical in post traumatic recovery.

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