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Learning is in our ancestry, it's in our bones.

Where would humanity be without learning and self growth, what would be our purpose?

Rape and Sexual Violence
Working with Rape & Sexual Violence

From the sunshine of beautiful parks and sandy beaches, to the darkened corners of children’s bedrooms in the midnight hours, child abusers, sexual predators, rapists and violent sex offenders have permeated society, leaving innocent victims psychologically and physically traumatised.

The effects of being raped and/or sexually violated can go right to the very core of a person’s existence, likened to a metaphorical barbed splinter.

The more that person tries to ignore it, the sharper the barbs become and the deeper the splinter goes, taking with it, a myriad of emotions and psychological pain.

Working with Domestic Violence and Abuse
Working with Domestic Violence and Abuse

As we learn new and effective physiological treatments for those who have been targeted by violent individuals within relationships, outcomes are now far more suited to the post traumatic growth of those affected as a whole.

An understanding into the basic functioning of the adrenal glands can be crucial when working in the aftermath with victims of domestic violence.

It can give useful insight into how the body can quickly become overloaded with stress and how the response can manifest into a myriad of illness and physical responses later in life.

Working with Narcissistic Behaviour

Living with a narcissist and having tolerated their covert behaviour for many years can leave a person reeling, full of self-blame and total confusion.

Often, until it is pointed out that the issue may actually not be the fault of, or due to the behaviour of the empath. This awareness can be life changing, leading the client into a whole new world of awareness and freedom.

Toxic relationships that involve narcissistic behaviours including within families, workplace settings, friendships, group environments and intimate interactions. With partners, parents, children, friends and colleagues. The information perfectly describes the most up to date processes for working with clients. 

Working with Three Levels of Trauma

Working with Three Levels of Trauma

After any traumatic event, in which a person’s life, or integrated sense of self is threatened, can cause a posttraumatic stress reaction. Individuals may continue to think about what has happened continually, so that it takes up valuable thinking time.

Often, the aftermath of traumatic events of any kind are far reaching and can go right to the very core of an individual’s existence.

Trauma is what happens when a part of the brain reacts to a life threatening or life endangering event, it is the body’s fight, flight or freeze reaction kicking in. It is an acute stress response and its aim is quite simple, to keep us safe.

Working with Adverse Childhood Experience

Working with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

When any form of abuse takes place in childhood, the effects can limit choices later in life, as the confidence in those who are expected to trust and care for us, slowly ebbs away.

This can and often does, result in a person’s very foundation and structure becoming completely undermined and unstable, as if the abuser holds an eternal remote control.

What makes this worse is that when childhood abuse is perpetrated by a parent, guardian, care giver or a sibling, it’s a secret too dark, too distressing and too shameful to contemplate exposing. Which is why it’s often disclosed much later on in life, if at all. 

Working with Complex Bereavement

There is not and never will be, one distinct ‘cure all’ for the often devastating grief and shock of losing a loved one. But there are ways to assist those who are struggling, to maintain a healthy focus and growth towards acceptance.

Given time for grief and mourning of a loved one, acceptance can be achieved by setting healthy grief programmes in place at a pace to suit the client.

When someone loses a loved one, especially a close relative or spouse, that person may experience feelings that were previously unknown to them and this in itself can be quite frightening. To sit with a client in their grief can be hard for the listener, there are no quick fixes, no interventions, paper exercises, no pick me ups or tonics. 

Spring 2022

The signs of something beautiful, a rich fresh newness is starting to push through the earth all around us. There’s a fresh clean air that echoes the beginnings of the spring. And then the summer warmth to follow, a time of year that we all love so much. It fills our bodies with joy and makes us feel happier as we go about our business, without a jacket or a coat (not quite yet!).

New learning is a part of any new season, CPD being compulsory for many front line services. The examples above, are some of our most popular trauma informed continuing professional development course titles. They are written from the perspective and experience of a collaboration of time served therapists. CPD For Mental Health Practitioners provide updated and informative content, for those clients who are working towards post traumatic growth.

Continued Learning

Everyone has the capacity to keep on learning. To find out new information, to build a toolbox of knowledge and understanding. When working with traumatised individuals, those on the frontline need to continually collect and consolidate their armoury of metaphoric and psychological tools, to assist with the needs of those attending the service.

Every course is professionally illustrated, providing students with a visual and/or cognitive learning approach. The courses can be purchased individually or within one of the bundle offers. Many organisations across the UK are already taking advantage of the multiple purchase offers for their frontline employees and volunteers. To have a browse through, you can visit